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Welcome Chamber Members & Friends!

If you want to GET RESULTS from your marketing, there are many things you can do that we can help with.  But, it all starts with doing cheap but EFFECTIVE advertising.  We can help you get that HIGH impact, great, first impression!  This SPECIAL offer below cannot be beat. 


Discounted Placemat Advertising


This is the most unique and effective advertising medium for small businesses! We have found the key to advertising for small businesses. Family-style restaurant placemat advertising.


Placing an ad on a placemat at specific local family-style restaurants reaches your target clients in a very influential way. Placemat Pro offers you the opportunity to reach thousands of potential customers each week. This is a low-cost, yet long-term method of reaching your target market in a relaxed, low pressure environment.

What other advertising medium gives you...

~ Guaranteed 5,000 Exposures
~ Attractive Full Color
~ Custom Graphic Design
~ Industry Exclusivity
~ Larger than Business Card Size
~ First Right of Refusal

All for ONLY $195?   WE DO!

Terrasi Media Customers & Friends

Introductory - First Time Advertiser Special Offer:

Take  $100.00 OFF  your next ad to try one with us!


Get a tall 5'' x 2.5'' ad - Normally $345 for ONLY $245
Get a wide 4'' x 2.5'' ad - Normally $295 for
ONLY $195


The best way to get started with this offer is to email me at jp@terrasimedia.com .  That way I can respond to you via email with some simple instructions.  But, if you prefer to call first, please feel free to do so at my number below.

If you are happy with your current advertising, but would like a quote on another design or printing project, please contact me:


J.P. Terrasi at 239-677-8752 or email jp@terrasimedia.com 

for more information TODAY!


Thank you!  You will not be disappointed.

The Research….

     After months of research, we have found that placemat advertising in local family-style restaurants is VERY effective. Now, there are tons of placemat advertising companies out there but we have found the special *KEY* to making it effective……the use of COLOR.  Our placemats are specifically designed for the small business owner and uses a FULL COLOR GLOSSY process. The use of color combined with having a static medium that will be seen from 20-40 minutes at a time, while having the ads designed by professional graphic artists, is quickly making our placemats the most sought after placemats around.

     I guarantee that our team of expert graphic designers, coupled with the wonderful personality of our staff, will make working with Placemat Pro a true pleasure, yet more importantly …. a true boost in your businesses sales and profits.

      But, the best part of our process is the price. I have specifically designed our placemat advertising costs to be one of the lowest CPM (cost per thousand) for any full color advertising medium around. Another benefit of our placemats is the fact that we only have 12 ads per placemat. Unlike other one and two color placemat that are jammed packed with small, little designed ads that get lost in the clutter.

     Need another reason to advertise with us?  Ok, how about if I offer that only one business from each type of industry is allowed on a particular restaurant placemat.  Yes, we offer EXCLUSIVITY to your industry on that particular placemat, so that your competitors are locked out of advertising in that restaurant.

The Process….

     The process for advertising on our placemats is simple. We have a contract that is signed by all of our restaurants that they will utilize the placemats in at least the highest traffic areas of their restaurants. We have our team of expert graphic designers specifically design your ad, while all the while talking with you and working with you on the design. We create, then have printed at least 5,000 placemats for each restaurant. The placemats are delivered to the restaurants and are used until they are depleted (usually from 5-10 weeks!).

The Facts….

     What other advertising medium gives you the use of glossy FULL COLOR, FREE eye popping graphic design, Industry Exclusivity, low cost effective pricing, only 12 ads per piece and guarantees 5,000 exposures?  The answer is only one…… Placemat Pro restaurant placemats!

      If you have any questions or would like to learn more about full color placemat advertising, please feel to call us anytime. We look forward to talking with you.

CALL US and ask about our 1st Time Advertiser



J.P. Terrasi

General Manager
Placemat Pro, Inc.

239-677-8752 phone

239-339-8054 office
239-236-1765 fax

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