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Welcome to the most unique and effective advertising medium for small businesses! We have found the key to advertising for small businesses. Family-style restaurant placemat advertising.

Placing an ad on a placemat at specific local family-style restaurants reaches your target clients in a very influential way.   Placemat Pro offers you the opportunity to reach thousands of potential customers each week. This is a low-cost, yet long-term method of reaching your target market in a relaxed, low pressure environment.

Many of the patrons of a diner are members of that community. This means they will visit the diner time and time again and each time they will see your ad on their placemat. Even if they may not have a need for your services today, your name will come to mind when they do have a need for your services or product.

Simply tell us, fax us or send us what information you would like on your advertisement and our team of expert graphic designers will go to work making a stunning and attractive ad for your growing company.


The best part of our placemats is the price! We specifically have designed the cost to be the most cost-effective CPM (cost per thousand) that you can get for full color advertising.


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General Manager

& Marketing Professional

J.P. Terrasi

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Advertising Sales Executive

Advertising Sales Executive

Michael Myers

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Angela Leckwatch

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Esmeralda Duarte

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advertising sales people!


Advertising Sales Executive

Area Sales Manager

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YOU can be listed here!

(239) your phone

you @placematpro.com


Area Sales Reps. & Graphic Designers

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  • Full Color

  • Expert Graphic Design

  • A Very Low CPM

  • Very Low Clutter

  • An Up To 10 Week Shelf Life

  • A Static Medium that is used for 20 to 40 minutes at a time.

  • GUARANTEED 5,000 exposures

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